Dying To Be Beautiful Mystery Series Blog Tour, June 2016

Dying To Be Beautiful
Mystery Series

Dying To Be Beautiful Mystery Series by M. Glenda Rosen

Dying To Be Beautiful
By M. Glenda Rosen

Dying To Be Beautiful: Without a Head by M. Glenda Rosen is a quirky female private investigator novel that will keep readers hooked with its charm, wit and suspense. Private Investigator, and main character, Jenna Preston is someone that readers will be able to relate to and will enjoy following, as she uncovers the clues needed to solve the crime. The connection between Jenna and the police department is well-written in that you see them working together and not stepping on each other's toes. This makes the charm and wit of the suspenseful story line easier to see and enjoy. What seems to be the first book in a series, I look forward to seeing what falls into Jenna's lap next.


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